Learning Week a Bury Sr. Edmunds

During the week from the 5th to the 12th of March, the students of the second, the third and the fourth year of the “Liceo Scienze Umane Economico Sociale” had the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience. They went to Bury St. Edmunds, a small town in the south-east part of England, for an English-learning week.

With a beautiful blend of cultures and traditions, it was a week full of educational and cultural commitments. They have improved their English knowledge thanks to the morning lessons at the BLS language school.

They have visited London, Norwich and Cambridge, particularly their beautiful ancient buildings and museums. They stayed with host families where they got used to British every-day-life routine. It was a positive experience on a human and school level.

Walking in Bury St. Edumnds


Walking in London

Walking in Norwich

La settimana di studio della lingua inglese presso la SBL school di Bury st Edmund ha permesso agli studenti  del liceo delle scienze umane di entrare in contatto con una differente cultura.
Questa esperienza è stata resa speciale grazie al clima positivo di collaborazione serena e proficua che si è instaurato tra i partecipanti e le famiglie ospitanti.
Auguriamo a tutti gli studenti di avere il privilegio di vivere questa esperienza.